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Hints & Tips November 2013 Newsletter

Autumn is the perfect time for getting outside with your children to photograph them. The colours are so vibrant and the light is soft and golden.

Here are a few tips to get the best from your Autumnal photography :

  • Clothing: Think about what they will be wearing in advance. Colours that tone in with the Autumn leaves will work really well such as yellows, oranges, browns. Or if you want an item of clothing to stand out go for complimentary colours such as blue tones.  Also cute wellies and hats will help set the scene. Avoid big logos! You want to be looking at your children’s faces and not an advert of Gap.
  • Engage: Get the children to engage in an Autumnal activity. This helps them focus on something long enough to take the shots. Children love kicking or throwing leaves and younger children love sitting on things like benches or fallen down trees.  Ask them questions that they have to think about, they will generally look at you when they answer them.
  • Viewpoint: Try lots of different angles until you find one you like, don’t just take it from your height, crouch down at their level, get up high or even through something in the environment. Also get in close as well as as taking wider shots. Don’t always put them in the middle of the frame!
  • Lighting: It is likely that you will be shaded by the trees so even if it is a sunny day the lighting will be soft. Make sure the light that falls on their face looks even and their are no strange shadows.  Avoid taking photos at midday and go for times nearer the golden hour (one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset) Even though the sun is much lower at this time of year it is still at is most beautiful at these times of day. You can get an app on your phone called The Golden Hour App to tell you when this is throughout the year.


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