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Hints and Tips – Strike a Pose

Have you ever wondered why some people look great in photos? It’s often something as simple as your pose.

To demonstrate how easy it is we dragged poor Katie away from her desk and put her in front of the lens!  As you can see she wasn’t very happy about it to start with, but she soon got the idea!  If she can do it in her work clothes then we know you can do it too!

Have a look at the difference in these pictures from left to right starting with not so good to perfect and follow our simple guide below to become the perfect poser!

Katie Posing


Don’t forget to smile and not look like a mug shot!

Turn your head to the side, away from your body it elongates your neck.


Never square straight on to the camera, it is not flattering as it widens you!

Always angle one shoulder to the camera.  See how Katie’s figure makes a nicer outline in picture 3, making her appear slimmer.

Always put your shoulders back.


Always leave a space between your arms and your body.  This make your arms appear longer and slimmer and will accent your waist in a good way.

In the middle picture Katie’s arm looks squashed and larger than it is in real life, monopolising the centre of the photograph.  When Katie puts her hand on her hip it creates life and movement in the picture. If you don’t want to go for a full on hand on the hip, a hand in the pocket is good too.


Put the majority of your weight on your back foot, popping one hip and creating a gracious “S” shape.

More next month!


We hope you enjoy these tips and can’t wait to see you in the Mango Studio trying out your new poses.


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