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Surrey Photography Tips: Take better photographs in the Sun

Follow our easy tips below and you will find an instant improvement in all of your outside photographs.  If you can’t get the hang of it then book a Mango Studios Portrait session and let us capture your family perfectly for you!

1.  The best time to take photos outside is early morning or early evening when the light is softer and more flattering.

2. Try to avoid taking pictures in the middle of the day.  If the sun is shining directly over your subjects head, it will create dark shadows under the eyes.

3. Turn your subjects so they are facing away from the sun or find a nice shady area.  You will still get the sense that it is a sunny day but the pictures will be much more flattering with softer features and no squinty eyes.

Katie agreed once again to be our Mango Guinea-Pig to demonstrate the dos and don’ts of outside photography!

Please note all shots are shown straight out of camera, no editing had been done in Photoshop.


In the picture above Katie is facing the sun full on (this is the first mistake most people make in outdoors photography.) Notice how her face looks too shiny in places and too dark in others. Her eyes are squinting and look almost black and the creases round her mouth and eyes are exaggerated by the shadows created by the strong sunlight!


In the above photograph Katie has turned away from the sun.  It is an improvement from the first picture. You can see that her eyes are more open, the shine has gone from her face and her features are softened.  However there is still quite a bit of shadow on her face due to the fact that the sun is still shining down on her.  If your camera has manual settings you can slightly over expose the picture or increase the ISO to gently lighten the face.


This is the best picture of Katie – considering it’s Monday morning and she hasn’t brushed her hair or put make up on yet!  In this picture she was standing in open shade – this means standing under a tree or covered area, facing outwards so the light is on your face but you are shaded from above.  Her eyes are open and light and the sun isn’t casting any unflattering shadows under her eyes or nose.  Also note her posture in this picture.  Her shoulders are back and her head is turning away from her body, elongating her neck.

We hope you found these tips useful and we are sure that if you follow these rules your photographs will improve instantly.  It’s the perfect time of year to get outside and play around with your camera, have fun and enjoy experimenting.

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