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Surrey Portrait Photography: What to wear to your photoshoot.

I want to start this blog by simply showing you a before and after photograph of a family who had a photoshoot with an Australian photographer (Sue Bryce) that we really admire. The first shot shows a family as their everyday selves and in the second they have been advised on colours for the photoshoot and had a little help from hair and makeup.

What to wear to your photoshoot

These pictures show how choosing the right clothes and taking some time with your hair and make-up can totally transform your pictures.  You don’t have to have a make-up artist or hair stylist, but if you would like one, you can book Nadine, our make-up artist. Having a family photoshoot is an investment so it is worth putting the effort in!

All photographers have very unique styles and you choose a particular photographer to capture your family because you like their style.

Here at Mango studios we take timeless, organic pictures.  Clients always ask us what they should wear or bring with them.  So we thought it would be a good idea to put together a blog that all of our clients can refer to prior to their shoots.

The tones we use in our photographs are very natural and soft.  To achieve this look we give our clients the following advice:

Choose a neutral colour palette

Soft muted colours work beautifully together and won’t detract from your faces.  Have a look at this Farrow and Ball (our favourite!) colour chart to give you some inspiration.  Remember to bring three outfits per person to the shoot so we can have a look and choose what will work best together.

Farrow and Ball Colour Palette

Think Timeless

Keep it simple, styles change and logos can look dated in a few years.  Think timeless!



Layers and textures

are beautiful and create interest in photos.  Think chunky knitted items, straw hats, lace, and soft ruffles (Not all at once!)  Textures really make black and white photos pop.  Make sure your children are comfortable.  They will be more relaxed if they are in something that is easy to move in!

Surrey photography what to wear

Coordinate don’t match

You don’t have to match your colours exactly.  Choose a colour palette and select some colours that go together but will keep the pictures interesting.  Block colours work well, and although logo’s aren’t good, patterns are a nice way of creating dimentions in the pictures.  If you have a particular dress or outfit that is patterned, use this as your central point and dress the rest of your family in simple block colours from that main outfit.Cousins-6


Outdoor Shoots

The above are recommendations for our studio shoots.  If you have booked an outdoor shoot then brighter colours work well with blue skies and wild flowers!  Coordinated your colours but remember they don’t have to match exactly.


 Shoes matter!

Please don’t just wear your old shoes.  The choice of shoe can make or break an outfit!  Think fun!  Wellies with dresses are fun and quirky.  Colourful ballet flats or polker dot wedges.  Maybe your child’s shoes could coordinate with something you are wearing to bring the whole look together.



For more inspiration take a look at this pinterest board.  CLICK HERE.

We hope this helps but do call us if you have any questions prior to your shoot.  If you would like to book our make-up artist, Nadine, (she also does hair!) just let us know and we can organise this for you.  You can read about Nadine here.

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