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Surrey Photography: How to capture your child’s personality

We are all guilty of it, screeching at our kids to “smile at the camera,” and probably offering all sorts of bribes to enable us to capture that perfect picture.  However recently, when looking through some family pictures I realised that my favourite ones are the ones where my children aren’t aware of the camera, they are just busy doing what they do best… being kids!

We have an infamous photograph in our family, of my little brother (30 now, was 7 at the time!) digging in the sand on a beach in South Africa. Everyone in the family knows the picture because we all love it so much. It was so Sam: head down, concentrating on making something, usually a mess!  That picture captures the essence of my brother.  The pictures of my girls playing together or engrossed in an activity really capture the essence of them.  After working with Becky and Liana for nearly 2 years I have finally realised that I will never be able to capture the stunning full face pictures that they do so beautifully, so I will be content to capture the action shots!

Our tip of the month is to go out and capture pictures of your children just being themselves.  Sneak up on them, don’t let them know you are there and snap away, and you will no doubt capture a picture that will make you smile everytime you look at it because you will have captured your child’s true personality.

Here is the picture of my brother, and some others of my daughters and of Becky’s daughter, to give you inspiration.

Have fun.

Family Photography Surrey

My brother, Sam, 23 years ago!


Family photography surrey

Sisters just hanging out together!

Family photography surrey


Family photography Surrey

Sisters and best friends

Silhoette photography

The beauty is in the pose.

Toddler photography surrey

Toddler curls wont stay forever, capture then while you can!


Capture their curls, their spikes, their tiny hands and frowns of concentration.

toddler photography surrey2

Capture the wonder in everything your child does

Toddler photography surrey3

Enjoy their freedom to dance anywhere without inhibition!


Family photography surrey

Capture family fun.


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