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Here at Mango Studios we believe that family is everything.

It is a really special thing to have your family photographed by a professional photographer, that is why we are asking you to “Tell Us Your Family Story.” Do you know someone special (family or friend or even you!) that you feel deserves a beautiful photo shoot but has never had the time to treat themselves to it?  If so we want to hear all about it.

Here’s how it works:

Nominate yourself or a loved one who really deserves a special treat then send us an email to [email protected] and tell us your story and why you think they deserve a photo shoot.

Every 3 months we will choose someone to come into our studio for a complimentary photo shoot.  The prize will include:

A one hour photo shoot in our beautiful studio in Cobham

A viewing session to see all of the photos taken

A USB with 10 digital images of your choice from the photo shoot

A 12″ x 12″ wall portrait

The photos of the shoot and the original story will then be published in the following months Newsletter.


Every entry we receive will be given a £50 Mango Studios Voucher.

We believe that everyone deserves a treat and we like to do our bit to keep the special people in your lives smiling and laughing.

We can’t wait to hear your stories so send them in an email to us at [email protected]

We will let you know if your nominee has been chosen in January 2014.

Good Luck!!!

Autumn is the perfect time for getting outside with your children to photograph them. The colours are so vibrant and the light is soft and golden.

Here are a few tips to get the best from your Autumnal photography :

  • Clothing: Think about what they will be wearing in advance. Colours that tone in with the Autumn leaves will work really well such as yellows, oranges, browns. Or if you want an item of clothing to stand out go for complimentary colours such as blue tones.  Also cute wellies and hats will help set the scene. Avoid big logos! You want to be looking at your children’s faces and not an advert of Gap.
  • Engage: Get the children to engage in an Autumnal activity. This helps them focus on something long enough to take the shots. Children love kicking or throwing leaves and younger children love sitting on things like benches or fallen down trees.  Ask them questions that they have to think about, they will generally look at you when they answer them.
  • Viewpoint: Try lots of different angles until you find one you like, don’t just take it from your height, crouch down at their level, get up high or even through something in the environment. Also get in close as well as as taking wider shots. Don’t always put them in the middle of the frame!
  • Lighting: It is likely that you will be shaded by the trees so even if it is a sunny day the lighting will be soft. Make sure the light that falls on their face looks even and their are no strange shadows.  Avoid taking photos at midday and go for times nearer the golden hour (one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset) Even though the sun is much lower at this time of year it is still at is most beautiful at these times of day. You can get an app on your phone called The Golden Hour App to tell you when this is throughout the year.


We are very excited to announce that a new member has joined our friendly team here at Mango Studios.  Katie is our new Studio Manager and was a natural addition as she has been a client of ours for many years!  We have photographed many important moments in her life including both her pregnancy bumps and her newborn baby girls!

Here are some of Katie’s favourite things :

  1. The sound of my daughters laughing together
  2. Blowing raspberries on my baby’s tummy
  3. Chocolate milkshakes
  4. Scuba diving with my husband especially if we spot a turtle or shark
  5. A really fantastic ‘feel good’ book

Have a peek at a few photos that we have taken of Katie and her girls



We have been bursting to tell you all about a fantastic weekend in July that has changed our lives and photography and inspired our new bump to baby experience.  What a perfect place to tell you all about it in our first Newsletter.

For many years we have been huge fans of the amazing photographers Carrie and Brittany from “Baby as Art” in California.  Their photos are inspirational and they are the trendsetters of newborn photography.  Carrie and Brittany are celebrities in the photography world and it is therefore natural that other celebrities such as Pink ask them to photograph their newborns.

We were so excited when we discovered that they were coming over to England for the first time to run a newborn workshop for a handful of very lucky photographers. We were over the moon to be one of the very few accepted as part of this workshop, and to be learning from the best in the world.

During the amazing 2 days course, we photographed 6 different newborn babies and were shown how to achieve photos that looked natural, soft, tiny and beautiful – everything a newborn is in its first few days of life.  We soaked up all of their tips and hints on positioning, lighting, even how to get a baby to sleep quickly!  You could almost call us baby whisperers now!  We learned that newborn photography isn’t just something you can guess at, it is an art form, and with time and patience you are rewarded with some of the most beautiful, awe inspiring photographs ever.

We are now concentrating more and more on newborn photography as it is something as mothers we both love and can put our hearts and souls into.  We are therefore excited to introduce our new Bump to Baby package where we capture the beautiful glow of an expectant mother, and then their tiny newborn in those first important days of their precious lives.  This can make a great gift for a friend who is expecting, or why not treat yourself.  Have a look at our Bump to Baby page on our website to see what exciting things are included in this package.

Below are a few photos from that amazing weekend, and make sure you have a look at our Session Spotlight in the Newsletter to see some pictures from our most recent pregnancy photo shoot.

Photography by Mango Studios, styling by Baby As Art


Pregnancy is such a fleeting and special time of your life and our ‘Bump to Baby photography package‘ is the perfect way to capture that gorgeous glow. As female photographers (and Mums!) we understand that you may not feel too glamorous which is why we will organise an afternoon of pampering included in the session provided by our professional makeup artist Nadine Pyke.  Whether you would love a fine art portrait or a fun, relaxed shoot we cater the session to your taste and personality.

Last week mum-to-be Rebecca came into our studio feeling a little nervous about having her bump photographed for the first time, but after what became a wonderfully natural session she sent us a lovely email.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful photo shoot last week.  I was a little worried that I wasn’t glamorous enough to have a pregnancy shoot, but the pictures tell another story.  Nadine the make up artist was fantastic making me feel so comfortable and really listening to me about how I would like my make up.   I soon felt very relaxed and knew that I was in the best hands with you both and that you would do a wonderful job capturing this very precious moment in my life.  It helped knowing that you were both mum’s too so you understood what it felt like to have a big bump and what poses were comfortable for me.  I truly love the photos and can’t wait to show my little one what he/she looked like before they arrived in the world.”

If you would like to book a Bump to Baby experience for you or as a special gift for a friend then please contact either Becky : 07748 186 463 or Liana : 07976 625 552 or look on our website by clicking this link for our prices and packages.


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