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Hope you had a great Easter everyone! Since we are surrounded by cute Spring chicks, lambs and foals we thought we would share some photos of a lovely Spring newborn baby we had in the studio last week, 11 day old Charlotte. She was incredibly sweet and hopefully enjoyed her first Easter! Her Mummy is also an old friend of mine from school who I had not seen for nearly ten years! So glad she found out I was a photographer so we could meet again.

If you are interested in coming in for a newborn session we would love to have you in! Visit our website for more information.



Working for Mango Studios over the years I have seen countless families come in for family photo shoots.  I have oohed and aahed over their stunning photographs, feeling a tiny bit jealous and panicked that I have never had a proper photo shoot with my family.

Last year I decided that I wanted an official Mango Studios photo shoot too!  I wanted to experience Becky and Liana as professional photographers, not just as friends with cameras!  So I booked myself an Autumn Family Mini Shoot!  Here is a bit about my experience as a real Mango customer and some of the beautiful photographs of my family and other families, that Becky and Liana took that day.



The Family Mini Shoot was the perfect choice for my family.  At only £295 I knew exactly what I was paying and what I would receive at the end of it (Four Digital Images and four 8”x10” prints and the option to buy more which, as you can see, I did!).

These 30 minute shoots were perfect for my young family as I knew that my girls (aged 2 and 4), and my husband for that matter, wouldn’t last longer than that in front of the camera.


We met at Claremont Landscaped Gardens in October.  It had been raining the week before so there were a few muddy puddles!  The morning didn’t start well when my eldest daughter, Bella, tripped and fell in the biggest puddle.  Her cream tights and fluffy jumper were caked in mud!  Needless to say I was not a happy Mummy!  Luckily, working for Mango Studios meant that I had seen parents weed on and puked on by their offspring, mid photo shoot, so I was prepared and had brought a backup outfit for all of us!  Once we had Bella cleaned up, we made our way to the spot that Becky and Liana had scouted out a few weeks before.

I had had a brief discussion with Becky and Liana about what kind of pictures I wanted, but I know their style so well that I knew without me saying anything they would capture my family perfectly.


My mum came along for the shoot too, as I feel it is important to capture as many generations as possible in every photograph.  My girls adore their Granny and I wanted some beautiful pictures of them together to show their special relationship.


We didn’t have to bribe the girls to smile at all, they loved posing for the camera and kicking around in the autumn leaves.  Becky and Liana tickled them with leaves and chatted away with them quite naturally so they hardly realised they were being photographed.





Near the end of the shoot, we just let the girls play and enjoy their surroundings.  These pictures of them are my favourites as their true personalities shine from them.



I want to capture my family as it grows and changes.  I can’t afford to have a full family portrait session every year,  those will be saved for special occasions.  However a Mango Studios Mini Shoot is so inexpensive that it is something I will be booking and looking forward to every year. It will keep my photo frames current and my albums full of the story of our life.


Mango Studios only runs a couple of Mini Shoots a year so places are very limited and get booked up fast.  Our next Mini Shoot date will be on Saturday 2nd May 2015.

Click Here to find out how to book your place.

We are all guilty of it, screeching at our kids to “smile at the camera,” and probably offering all sorts of bribes to enable us to capture that perfect picture.  However recently, when looking through some family pictures I realised that my favourite ones are the ones where my children aren’t aware of the camera, they are just busy doing what they do best… being kids!

We have an infamous photograph in our family, of my little brother (30 now, was 7 at the time!) digging in the sand on a beach in South Africa. Everyone in the family knows the picture because we all love it so much. It was so Sam: head down, concentrating on making something, usually a mess!  That picture captures the essence of my brother.  The pictures of my girls playing together or engrossed in an activity really capture the essence of them.  After working with Becky and Liana for nearly 2 years I have finally realised that I will never be able to capture the stunning full face pictures that they do so beautifully, so I will be content to capture the action shots!

Our tip of the month is to go out and capture pictures of your children just being themselves.  Sneak up on them, don’t let them know you are there and snap away, and you will no doubt capture a picture that will make you smile everytime you look at it because you will have captured your child’s true personality.

Here is the picture of my brother, and some others of my daughters and of Becky’s daughter, to give you inspiration.

Have fun.

Family Photography Surrey

My brother, Sam, 23 years ago!


Family photography surrey

Sisters just hanging out together!

Family photography surrey


Family photography Surrey

Sisters and best friends

Silhoette photography

The beauty is in the pose.

Toddler photography surrey

Toddler curls wont stay forever, capture then while you can!


Capture their curls, their spikes, their tiny hands and frowns of concentration.

toddler photography surrey2

Capture the wonder in everything your child does

Toddler photography surrey3

Enjoy their freedom to dance anywhere without inhibition!


Family photography surrey

Capture family fun.


The week leading up to Mother’s Day, we were at The Medicine Garden in Cobham photographing mums and their children for a Mother’s Day competition they were putting on. We had a lovely studio set up at The Medicine Garden which kept us warm, which was much better than Christmas when we were stood outside! Across the week we had so many lovely mummies in that we had two thousand images to get edited so heads down, full steam ahead has been our motto! Now things are back to the normal level of calm we can show you some of the photos that we did. We had a lot of laughter, shyness and stubbornness but we managed to get a little cheeky grin from everyone in the end!

If you would like to have a family photo session with us, either in our studio or outdoors, have a look at our website for more information and feel free to contact us for details!



I’m a month or so into my training and thought I would share with you all how it’s going. I’ve had some absolutely lovely families in the studio so I have been very lucky. Becky and Liana are of course fab teachers so that’s really helpful, I also helped out when we photographed a Mother’s Day competition event at The Medicine Garden and so spent three days doing 15 minute mini shoots with mums and their children – it helps to be thrown in at the deep end! I’ve learnt about lighting, posing and that grapes and raisins are great bribery tools! (So much so that last week I was a bridesmaid and had to control 6 page boys and flower girls during the wedding – so I took a bag filled with boxes of raisins! It thankfully worked a treat). I was even bought a box of chocolates because I was feeling a bit under the weather, I shall forever maintain that it was the chocolates that made me better!


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